Have a liquid / water damage on your iPhone 5s?

Don’t worry as we can help you get your iPhone 5s repaired and work like before. This is a very common issue most of us face in everyday life. Either we get drink spilled on the iPhone or mistakenly it is dropped into the pool while it is still in the pocket, dropped it in the sink, or even worse, the toilet! Due to the exposure to liquid/water, iPhone 5s may cause irreparable damage to the internal hardware, this may result in the device to malfunction. It is therefore advisable to consult an expert to get it rectified.

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Important Information

In case you drop the iPhone in water – turn it off immediately

Get the iPhone out of the water/fluid when you can and switch off the iPhone by pressing the top Sleep/Wake catch for 5 seconds until you see the accompanying screen, then slide to control off. Obviously if the iPhone is already turned off don’t turn it on.