Are you experiencing “cracking” sound in your iPhone 6 Plus or is it coming out loudly out of your headphones?

You don’t have to worry as this in not such a serious issue. Many of our customers report that they are having trouble with their iPhone 6 plus headphone jack. According to the inputs, their headphones aren’t working, even when they have switched headphones. There are also reports that they feel the jack also seems loose and lastly there are times when it’s just not producing quality sound. When our customers often report these complaints, we suggest them to get the iPhone 6 plus headphone jack replacement service.

Replacement service helps them remove the existing faulty jack. Our trained experts will install a brand new one in its place. Be assured as we use only high quality parts with warranty. Once the new headphone jack gets installed in your iPhone 6 plus device, our experts will conduct thorough testing it to make sure it’s working as it should.

Be assured as FindAppleService will fix all your problems related to your iPhone 6 plus.