Water! Water! Water! All over your iPhone 6?

Let us guess: you have accidentally fell it in the toilet or you just jumped into the pool and forgot you had your iPhone 6 in your pocket?

We have heard every possible scenario from our clients, even strange examples unlike these, and we have been able to help them rescue out of all the situations.

So you don’t have to worry. If it can be fixed, we will fix it for sure.

To help you resolve with the liquid/water damage on your iPhone 6. You need to visit us at our Service centre or Book an appointment & we will repair it with full diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning.

Important Information

In case you drop the iPhone in water – turn it off immediately

Get the iPhone out of the water/fluid when you can and switch off the iPhone by pressing the top Sleep/Wake catch for 5 seconds until you see the accompanying screen, then slide to control off. Obviously if the iPhone is already turned off don’t turn it on.